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Environmental Test Chamber Calibration

Many customers require their equipment to operate within a set specification with confirmed accuracy with recorded results. Our calibration service can offer you assurance that the system is operating at its full potential and is within its specified tolerance.
Both Temperature & Humidity levels of calibration are offered with centre point calibration This means the reference probe will be located in the centre of the working area.

The calibration will then be carried out at various different temperature and humidity levels. A standard calibration being 4 levels.

Calibration Certificates and labels with the traceable to UKAS BS 17025 National Standards.

Multi-point calibration is available (temperature only) at either 9 or 16 reference points for the number of temperature levels required.

Chamber Calibration Services

  • Temperature and Humidity Centre Point.
  • Optional Multi Point Calibration.
  • Certification issued traceable to UKAS BS 17025 National Standards.