Design Environmental Ltd (DEL) Chamber Testing

Design Environmental Ltd (DEL) Test Chamber

SJJ System Services offer various levels of Design Environmental Ltd (DEL) service, maintenance and repair work including calibration, retro fits and upgrades on many Design Environmental Ltd (DEL) and models of test equipment.
Please see below our current range of manufacturers equipment and models that we can support. With our extensive experience and knowledge within the industry we offer advice and support on many applications so please contact us if your equipment is not currently listed in the below summary.

Please note; product/model range varies depending upon manufactures description of equipment supplied. An idea of the range of equipment we currently support are shown below.

Various Types of Design Environmental Ltd (DEL) Chambers …….

  • Design Environmental Ltd (DEL) Temperature/Humidity Test Chambers
  • Stability Storage Hot/Cold Walk In Rooms
  • Design Environmental Ltd (DEL) Test Freezers
  • Design Environmental Ltd (DEL) Water Chillers
  • Cellar and Air Drier Systems
  • RACS Units (remote air conditioning systems)
  • HALT/Hass Vibration Test Chambers
  • Stress Screen Systems
  • Liquid Nitrogen Test Chambers
  • CO2 Test Chambers
  • SO2 Test Chambers
  • Stability, Hot/Cold Rooms
  • Thermal Shock Systems
  • Transfer Test Chambers
  • Dry Store Cabinets
  • Salt Spray Cabinets
  • Sand & Dust Chamber
  • Design Environmental Ltd (DEL) Wind Tunnel
  • Various Ovens & Incubators
  • Corrosion Test Cabinets
  • Vacuum Chambers
  • Rainfall Test Systems
  • UV/IR/Sunlight Chambers
  • SO2
  • Design Environmental Ltd (DEL) Models maintained

    ACS WIR, Alpha 335-70H, Alpha 900-40H, BS125-40, BS125-70N, BS220 +20HS, BS220-40S, BS55-40, BS88-40, BT40/40, Controlled Atmosphere Chamber, DE62-D8, DEL FS8000-40S, DEL610-40H, DEL990-20H, Delta 1550+20H, Delta 1550-70H, Delta 190-40H, Delta 190-70H, Delta 335-40H, Delta 335-70H, Delta 335-70T, Delta 610-40T, Delta 990 -65 RACS, Delta 990-40H, Delta1550+5H, Delta190-70H, DELTA610-60S , DP1236HE, DP2390 NS, Electrostatic Chamber, EX190+25, FS 113-65S, FS 113-65S RP, FS1000-25S, FS1000-40, FS1000-40H, FS1000-40S, FS1000-70VS, FS1188-70S, FS120-40, FS1210-70VS, FS125-40H, FS125-65, FS125-70S, FS130-65S, FS1400-65SV, FS1452-65V, FS1500-40HS, FS1728-65HSU, FS190-40, FS190-40H, FS2000-20S, FS2000-40HS, FS209-70S, FS220-65, FS226S-40H, FS270-65S, FS279-70S, FS335-40, FS335-40H, FS335-65H, FS335-70S, FS335T-40S, FS3564-20H, FS420-40H, FS420-40V, FS420-65V, FS448-65V, FS450-20, FS5250-25S, FS6000-40HS, FS614-70S, FS630T-40HS, FS990-40V, HAST, Humidity Cyclic (LN2), Humidity Cyclic (ZAD), OV15.4/210, OV16.25/210, Oven 60 ltrs, PPE Room, RACS 7-65T, RACS Halliburton, RACS52-40, RACS843-70N, RH115-20, RH220-10, SIG44A, Sigma 1000-36, Sigma 800, Sports Science Room, SSR 51-5H, SSR100-20HS, Temperature Cyclic (LN2), Thermal Shock (LN2), TIL, TR107-40, TR270-70, WIR 10-65H, WIR Vetco, WIR10-25, WIR11-20T, WIR121-0H, WIR17.65HS, WIR19.8-45H, WIR22/5H, WIR22-10H, WIR30+55, WIR35/0H, WIR36-40, WIR42-40H, WIR-5 365, WIR52-20HS, WIR56-18 -10